Friday, March 21, 2014

Whats up????

Hi guys! Our traveling launch date was post-poned a week due to some personal issues (boo!!!) so I just wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone...

  • We are hitting the road early Monday morning (March 24th), headed to SC first (where it's hopefully warmer than it has been here in WV!)
  • I will still be selling AVON on my website  Just click the link, place the items in your shopping cart, and check out. Orders will be shipped straight to your door! Shipping is always FREE on orders of $30+ but also be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional FREE shipping on ANY size order or FREE shipping on orders of $10+ that AVON runs periodically.
  • We are now selling jewelry, knives, survival items, home decor, leather items, etc online. Just come here to our blog, ( click on "Shop With Us!" at the top of the page, add the items to your shopping cart, and check out. Orders will be shipped straight to your door! (AND... shipping is FREE anywhere in the USA!)
  • We have just started an affiliate program where YOU can make money from home by sending customers to our website! For more information click "Work at Home" up at the top of the page, here on our blog!
  • I will continue updating The-Teen-Spot with useful articles for teens and preteens. Hopefully they will come in handy for someone somewhere...
  • We are on a mission to do 1 "Random Act of Kindness" each and every day when we're on the road. This will be anything from paying a stranger's toll booth fee, to leaving a couple bucks on a stranger's windshield, buying a meal for a homeless person, helping out at an animal shelter, etc. I plan to keep a record of them and try to come up with some creative ways of making a difference, even if it's something super small. A difference is a difference, though, right? If everyone did their part to make a small difference, that would indeed equal a HUGE difference in the world! I hope my recording and posting them here will encourage some of my readers to do the same! =)
  • We will be doing reviews for campgrounds, restaurants, stores, & attractions along the way. 
  • We will be working on writing a couple e-books from the road! 
  • We will be returning to WV for 2 weeks in July for medical, dental, etc appointments and to visit. 
Sooooo...that's what's up. =)  I just wanted to let everyone know and figured this was the quickest way to do so.  Thanks for reading! I will try to post at least 3 times per week once we're on the road, hopefully more. =) P.S. Please take a moment to comment on this post and SHARE it! To share, just click on the red "share" button below or look for the gray facebook/email/pinterest/twitter/etc icons below (depending on what type of device you're on.) Thank you so very much for your support!!! =)