Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review of Helicopter Adventures in Myrtle Beach, SC

     Today Aidan enjoyed his first helicopter ride, at Myrtle Beach. We were a little worried that he would be scared but considering his obsession with helicopters and airplanes (yet another thing he seems to have inherited from his Daddy, lol) we hoped he would be fine. He did better than fine, he did GREAT! When we asked him if he wanted to ride, it took him a nanosecond to agree. Then while having to stand in line for about 10 minutes, seeing other people getting to ride- he started to get impatient thinking we were lying to him about getting to ride, haha. He was soooo excited!!!

     I will do a quick review here for you guys, then you can check out the pictures below. =) Thanks for reading! Catch you guys back here tomorrow! =)

Helicopter Adventures in Myrtle Beach, SC

Review completed on April 9th, 2014.

Cleanliness of the facility-  1  2  3  4  5

Friendliness of the staff
- 1  2  3  4  5

Overall rating of the attraction
- 1  2  3  4 5

Notes: Our pilot (I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but you can see his photo in the slideshow below.) was very friendly and gave us a little "tour" during the flight, telling us exactly what we were seeing below. All of the staff members that we encountered were friendly.  They have several different flight plans you can choose from, the cheapest being $20/person for a 1-2 mile ride. We chose the 2nd option, which was $39.99/person for a 7-8 mile ride. You can view all of the options on their website (see link above.)  It was a very nice little place, we really enjoyed our ride. =)

Would you recommend Helicopter Adventures to others?  YES.

Would you visit Helicopter Adventures again?  YES.

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  1. Awesome, looks look you all had a blast. The excitement on Aidan's face is more then a million dollars. love and miss you guys. enjoy your day.

    1. We did, it was fun! Well worth the $120 to see how happy it made Aidan! =) He loves his "hekcoppers and airpains" lol. ;)