Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review of Guilliard Lake in Jamestown, SC.

Guilliard Lake (In the Francis Marion National Forest, next to Jamestown, SC.  Located at GPS coordinates: N 33.17.077  W 079.37.107  If you do not have a GPS, just contact the Ranger Station for directions.)

Review completed on April 14, 2014.

Hookups:  None.  This is a FREE boondocking / Dry Camping / Dispersed Camping location with no power, water, sewer, bath-house, or restroom.

Number of sites available: 5-6.

Cleanliness of the facility: 1 2 3 4 5  (This rating is for the Ranger Station, since there are no facilities at Guilliard Lake.)

Friendliness of the staff: 1 2 3 4 5  (Again, this is for the lady working at the Ranger Station when we arrived.) 

Permit Required: YES  NO  (It is FREE at the Ranger Station- see link above for contact info & directions to the Ranger Station.)

How to Obtain Permit, if Applicable: The lady I spoke to said you can set up camp and then go to the ranger station to obtain the permit afterwards (just make sure to go as soon as possible after setting up) but I went first to get directions and see if anyone else was camping there at the time. When you arrive, just tell whoever is working that you would like to obtain a camping permit for Guilliard Lake, she/he will fill out the permit for you.

Notes: We spent 14 days (the maximum length allowed) camping at Guilliard Lake. During that time, there were 3 other camping parties who came in. 2 of them spent 1 night and the 3rd spent 2 nights. So for the most part, we had the place to ourselves. There were several fishermen who came in during that time, but we never heard a peep from them other than the loading/unloading of their boats/canoes and/or their vehicles starting up.  The road to Guilliard Lake is a bit rough (it is gravel and dirt) with several pot holes, so be prepared to drive slow. It is 2-3 miles back off the main road, on a forest service road. The camp spaces can accommodate pretty much any size rig and there is plenty of room to turn around, since there are loops. You can set up anywhere you'd like, there are no designated spots (there are no picnic tables, fire rings, etc) You can have camp fires, you just have to be careful because it was very dry when we were there. If you enjoy fishing, be sure to take your fishing gear- there were tons of good-looking fish leaping up out of the lake every evening, starting around 5pm-ish (which is when the mosquitoes start to come out.)  Jamestown is an extremely small town with 1 little BP station/Subway. The town of Andrews, however, is about 18-20 miles away- they have a Foodlion, $ stores, Mcdonalds, & some other basic needs stores.  If you're looking for a WalMart, however, you will have to drive to Georgetown- which is about 32-35  miles away. The employees and other customers that we came into contact with in Andrews were not all that friendly, but the ones in Georgetown were. We had StraightTalk cell service and Verizon 3G and/or 4G internet service in most places. All in all, Guilliard Lake is a nice little place to "get away"- it's in the middle of nowhere, about 69 miles from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Would you recommend Guilliard Lake to others:  YES  NO

Would you visit at Guilliard Lake again:

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