Thursday, April 3, 2014

I dream of writing....

     I hate sales.....I always have and most likely always will. I'm not pushy, I hate bugging people, I take the "no's" personally, and truth be told- I'm not much of a "people person." Having said all that, there's no wonder I've never been great at sales, haha.

     I enjoy writing. I was once pretty decent at it when I was younger and had plenty of time alone with my thoughts. However, having a kiddo with you 24/7 has a way of making any and all alone time disappear. (Not that I'm complaining, Aidan is the very best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank God for him daily!) I do miss writing, though. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who needs total silence and zero distraction to really concentrate. I would love nothing more than to be able to earn a full time income from writing, enabling neither Dale nor myself to ever have to work outside the home again. A girl can dream right?

     I've been contemplating some e-book topic ideas lately..... Our first year on the road; Full time RV boondocking; Full time Rving with hookups; Location Independent Income Ideas; Compilation of short stories; Campfire recipes; Nationwide recipes; etc.  Would anyone even be interested in any of those topics???

     Do I continue focusing on sales (AVON and the fashion jewelry, home decor, knives, survival items, etc on our website) that I do not enjoy...or do I carve out a couple hours of alone time, per day (now that Dale is home with us), to pursue writing? Take a walk alone in the woods with a pen and paper (and my pistol, of course, haha) and do my "thang"?

     Then again, a person can write the greatest book in the world and still not earn a penny from it if they can't SELL that book. Writing books doesn't earn a living, selling them does... P.S. Please take a moment to comment on this post and SHARE it! To share, just click on the red "share" button below or look for the gray facebook/email/pinterest/twitter/etc icons below (depending on what type of device you're on.) Thank you so very much for your support!!! =)

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