Sunday, April 13, 2014


Thanks random stranger lady for offering to take this picture for us, lol.  ;) 

     Do you believe in Ghosts? I do. Do I think they can hurt us? No. But I do think they are there. On Friday, I ran inside the ladies room at Alligator Adventure and immediately upon entering heard very heavy breathing.  I chose the cleanest stall (there were only 2) and stood one of my business cards up on top of the toilet paper holder. I continued to hear the heavy breathing, although I was the only one inside the restroom. I walked to the sink to place another business card on the counter there, and noticed that I only had 2 business cards left in my wallet. I decided to grab the one off the toilet paper holder and put it on the counter instead, that way I could save my last 2 cards for another place. I returned to the stall only to find that my business card was no where to be found. I mean NO WHERE! So there may possibly be a ghost checking out our blog site now, haha. Craziness....

     I finally broke down and bought some new jeans on Friday, after having dealt with my old ones (which wasn't that old to begin with) falling off my butt constantly. Having hypo-thyroidism I "should" be overweight, but apparently my body hasn't gotten that memo, lol. Not that I'm complaining. Anyways, I decided to check out Burkes. I had never been there and I refuse to pay over $12 for my jeans since my size changes fairly often, so it worked out wonderfully.  I ended up getting 5 pairs for about $35 one of which was a pair of $54 jeans. Cha-ching! Now hopefully these fit me longer than my last ones did, lol...

     On our way back from Myrtle Beach on Friday evening, we decided to stop in Georgetown for a pizza so we wouldn't have to cook once we got back to the camp. We were stopped in the parking lot waiting on a vehicle to back out (so we could get that spot) when a woman came up behind us and rear-ended us. The Xterra, thank goodness, just got some scuffs. The other vehicle, however, wasn't so furtunate. She will need a new hood, bumper, fender, and head-light. Ughhhh....

     After having the lake-front camp to ourselves for almost 2 weeks, we came "home" Friday night to find a new camper had pulled in. They left out early Saturday morning, but a couple others came in a few hours later. Me not being one for crowds,  I miss the quiet. But we were very lucky to have had the place to ourselves for so long, so I definitely can't complain. Not to mention we knew we'd be pulling out early Monday morning anyways.

     We had a stray dog show up here a few days ago. He looks like a mixed breed hunting dog, maybe a year or so old. He was starving to death, you can see every bone in his body and he acts like he hasn't eaten in days. We've been feeding him but haven't been able to get ahold of him yet, he is completely covered in ticks from head to toe. I'm hoping we can get him to warm up to us enough to at least get those ticks off him, poor guy. =(  He's scared of his own shadow, acts like he's either been abused or has been in the woods for quite a while. Being 3 miles off the main road, he probably hasn't seen anyone for awhile. I hate seeing strays, it breaks my heart. =(  I hate the thoughts of leaving him here alone, too...  =( 

     That's about all of the excitement I have to report at the moment, today is prepping day- getting everything ready to move out tomorrow I better get back to it. Below you will find a few pics from Myrtle Beach. Talk to you guys soon!

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  1. We have a ghosts at work too. Kinda weird hearing stuff get knocked off shelves but nothing on the car is ok and you all.. love and miss ya..

    1. lol definitely! Yep we are fine and Xterra is just scuffed on the bumper (which is plastic) so all is well on this end. Love and miss yall too

  2. I see Marsh has his Spot with him, how does spot think the water taste? salty huh? Looks like you are having fun, I like the one where the seagull is at the edge of the beach, it looks like the waves are really high great shot there.. you guys take care and know that we miss and love you guys very much.

    1. Yep he takes Spot with him every where he goes now, he misses his doggies =( I love that picture of the seagull, too. Love and miss yall too