Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nothing Better Than Roasting Marshmellows... =)

     Hi!!! Sorry it's been a few days, again, since I've posted. Between work, making and selling our wooden signs/plaques, job searching, route planning, and trying to get as much BEACH time in as we can before we head outta here- there hasn't been much time left for blogging....But I'm here now, so let's catch up! =)  (BTW, the photo above is of us roasting marshmellows this evening.)

     We are leaving the Emerald Isle, NC area next Monday. We really LOVE it here, but we can't stay put any longer- it's time to move on. Right now we're debating between a couple different places for our next stop, but most likely it will be Highlands, NC. We shall see... =)

     The weekends at our previous camp spot (on the White Oak River in Peletier, NC) turned into an insane up-all-night nightmare thanks to some disrespectful, loud, partying, screaming, cussing, fighting, music blaring teens. So we decided to move to another spot, up the road. We moved here Monday evening and so far so good...

     I've added some new photos to the White Oak River album, check 'em out! =) (Note: The photos from Aidan hauling the toy dogs around in his wagon and afterwards, in the album, were actually taken at the place we're staying right now. If you've noticed, I haven't shared the details here on the blog of WHERE we're staying in each town until AFTER we've left that place. In fact, I haven't even told you exactly where we were staying, on the White Oak River. I'll do that in the review, which will be coming soon. Call me paranoid... =)  If you are unable to view the slideshow above, simply click HERE! I've also added some new photos to the Hand-Made Wooden Wall Plaque/Sign album, check them out too! =)

If you are unable to view the slideshow above, simply click HERE! Talk to ya soon! 
 "Collect Moments, Not Things!"
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