Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review of Long Point Boat Launch in Peletier, NC.

Long Point Boat Launch (In the Croatan National Forest- Peletier, NC (near Emerald Isle, NC).  Located at GPS coordinates:  34.798203, -77.177887   (You will see a sign, pit toilet, picnic tables, fire rings, etc when you get there.) If you do not have a GPS, just enter the coordinates into mapquest or contact the Ranger Station for directions.

Review completed on May 5th 2014.

Hookups:  None.  This is a FREE boondocking / Dry Camping / Dispersed Camping location with no power, water, sewer, or bath-house. There IS a pit-toilet, however.  (Note: You can dump your tanks at the White Oak Campground up the road for $10.00  We buy our drinking & cooking water, but we filled our water jugs {for hygiene, cleaning, laundry, etc} in the bathroom of the Cedar Point Recreation area, about 10 miles away.  You could use the water from the river, and add bleach to it, but it's RED so I wouldn't recommend doing laundry in it, lol.)

Number of sites available: 3.

Cleanliness of the facility: 1 2 3 4 5  (The pit toilet is as clean as a pit-toilet can be. We keep disinfecting wipes with us, so wiping the toilet seat was simple to do. I even left a few wipes in a ziplock baggie when we left, for the next person who stopped by to use the restroom. The camp ground itself had several broken beer bottles & beer cans scattered on the ground, in the fire pits, etc. For a FREE campground, though, it was fine.)

Friendliness of the staff: 1 2 3 4 5  ( We never came in contact with any workers during our stay. Someone came to empty the trash once/week but we didn't see them.)

Permit Required: YES  NO 

How to Obtain Permit, if Applicable: No permit needed as of May 5th, 2014.

Notes: During the week, it's fairly dead- we only had a couple other campers come in while we were there during the week. The weekends are a totally different story. One weekend we were kept awake until 3am by a group of loud, disrespectful, screaming, cursing, partying, fighting (2 guys) teenagers. The next weekend, it was 5am, a different group of teenagers, and the fight was between a guy and his girlfriend. So unless you're into partying or you're EXTREMELY hard of hearing, I do not recommend this place for weekend stays. During the week, however, it's nice and quiet (not to mention FREE and close to the beautiful beach at Emerald Isle!) The road to Long Point Boat Launch is gravel and dirt. It is about 2 and a half  miles back off the main road, on a forest service road. The camp spaces are best for smaller rigs. (We have a 22 foot travel trailer and Nissan Xterra, there was barely enough room for our trailer and vehicle in the spaces.)  We had StraightTalk cell service and Verizon 3G and/or 4G internet service. There are picnic tables, fire rings with cooking grates, and a pit toilet.

Would you recommend Long Point Boat Launch to others:  YES  NO (During the WEEK.)

Would you visit Long Point Boat Launch again:
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