Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review of Motel6 in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Review completed on May 26th, 2014.

Cleanliness of the room: 1 2 3 4 5  (See photos above and "Notes" below.)

Friendliness of the staff: 1 2 3 4 5 

Notes: Check-in is supposed to be 3pm, however, we were not able to check in to our room until 4:30PM because it had not been cleaned. We returned at 4:30PM to check in to find the police and fire department parked in front. There was a fight and someone had pulled the fire alarm... The one thing we had NOT done yet this summer was go swimming, so we were looking forward to the swimming pool at the hotel. The pool ended up being closed and was waiting for "inspection" to re-open, but it was not listed on the website that it was closed. As for our room: The door, outside light, etc of our room was covered in cob webs; the breezeway was extremely dusty and cob-webby; the light at the bathroom sink did not work; the exhaust fan above the range-top did not work; the kitchen dish-towel left for us had been used by the previous guests and had dried noodles on it;  the floor didn't look like it had been cleaned at all; the bath-tub had shoe prints (from housekeeping, I suppose) and dried bar soap in it; the so-called "kitchen" included 2 range-top eyes, a TINY fridge that a 2 liter bottle of soda wouldn't even fit in, toaster, coffee pot, and microwave; housekeeping didn't leave us ANY toilet paper- not even an empty card-board roll; housekeeping left us 3 bath-towels, hand-towels, and wash-cloths for 5 people staying in the room (a room with double beds should at least have 4 towels); there was no "Do Not Disturb" sign; there were only enough dishes for 2 people to eat a time; there were only 2 electrical outlets in the room- the rest were capped/covered and unable to use; and housekeeping did not clean our room or even ask if we needed fresh towels or anything. During the first night, we were awoken by a car alarm outside- someone had busted the window and broke into a new hummer- the cops were called and all they told the hummer owner was "didn't you know you were staying in a bad part of town?" Ummm no, if they were not from that area then they probably didn't know- just like WE didn't know! At 3:30AM a man wondered down the breezeway passing our room & singing as loud as he could, waking us up. At 7AM someone was changing the trash-bag in the can outside our door, banging the can and flopping the bag around for what seemed like forever. During the second night we heard another car alarm go off but never seen or heard what happened since we checked out that morning. When we arrived and noticed the towel shortage, we asked for more towels... They said they would bring them to us and never did, so we ended up having to go find the laundry department to get them ourselves. We had to keep checking on our vehicle to make sure no one had messed with it. I spent 1 day at the hotel by myself while everyone else went to the beach- I kept my gun beside me all day. I definitely do NOT recommend this place to ANYONE....

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