Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wacky West Virginia

Hi guys!!!! Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted an update here- things have been a bit hectic. As you probably know, we came in (to WV) at the end of May to take my brother to VA beach for his birthday. After arriving, things went a bit wacky- lol. Let's see here.....

Our generator went out, so we had to take it to Sears for repair. (We have it back now and will probably be selling it now that we hopefully won't be needing it anymore.)

We decided to bite the bullet and install solar power on our trailer/camper. We wanted to do it in the beginning, but took the easy (QUICK) way out- buying a generator- so we could hit the road quicker. So we chose the solar kit, ordered it, and installed it.

When we purchased our trailer/camper, our Xterra didn't have a towing package on it, so we had to have one installed. We asked them if we needed to buy/use a weight-distributing hitch and they said since our trailer/camper is so light, we didn't need one. After towing it around, while we were gone, we decided that we would just feel SAFER with one. So we chose one, ordered it, and installed it.

One of our dogs (Baxter- the Boxer) decided to run off with my mom's dog. He ended up getting into it with a coyote and we had to take him to the vet. Sooo doctoring him back to health, so he can go with us when we leave again, has consumed a bit of time. He's healing well now, thank goodness...

I had a doctors appointment right before we hit the road and never heard anything about the results. Come to find out, LabCorp had LOST it- so lucky me had to go have it re-done a few days ago.  Still waiting on the results from it...

We've been dealing with health insurance crap and all that it entails...ughhh...

I've been waiting for an appointment for an ultrasound on my thyroid... It was finally scheduled for this-coming Tuesday...

I had a re-check on my thyroid levels to see if my meds were doing their job.

I decided since we were stuck here for a bit doing all of the above ^^^ I may as well take advantage of it and try to finish up my school (Criminal Justice) online, while we're here. I only have 4 courses left now and currently have a 3.71 GPA woot woot! Hoping to finish up before we leave.

We haven't sold many signs or jewelry pieces since we've been here, since we're not out and about meeting new people on a daily basis.. =(

In the next couple weeks Aidan, Dale, and myself all have a dentist appointment... Aidan has a doctor's appointment, for his well-visit... And of course, the thyroid ultrasound I mentioned earlier...

We are taking advantage of being stuck here for appointments, and purchased tickets to the Jake Owen/Kellie Pickler concert on July 19th.

We've had several family get-togethers while we've been in (as you will see in the pics below)..for a 

If all goes as planned, we will be heading back out on Monday July 21st. We are debating whether we want to go south or west...But most likely, after we leave, we won't be able to come back for a visit until NEXT July.

Below are a bunch of pics from our visit so far, for those of you who haven't seen them on our facebook page.   Talk to ya soon! =) 
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