Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day Out With Thomas in Burnet, TX

     Hi guys! Sorry for the delay in getting the photos posted from our "Day Out With Thomas" on Sunday. We took Aidan over to show him that Thomas had arrived on Friday. When we were leaving, he started crying saying Thomas was going to leave him, lol. After finally getting him to believe us (that Thomas would be there all weekend) we had to promise to take him back to see Thomas on Saturday. So on Saturday, as promised, we took him down and walked around a little to get an idea of what all was going on. Then on Sunday we had pictures taken with Thomas, had pictures taken with Sir Topam Hat, listened to music, rode Thomas, got a few Thomas goodies, Aidan got his first temp tattoo (of Percy), and went through the train bounce house 3 times. Soooo without further delay, here are the photos of our day. =)  DAY OUT WITH THOMAS IN BURNET, TX

     I have also added a few new photos to the BURNET, TEXAS (Sept. 2014) album if you'd like to check those out as well.

     I believe this coming weekend we are going to watch a gunfight, ride the boat, play tennis, let Aidan pick out a pumpkin to carve, take a drive, and check out the citywide garage sale in Marble Falls. So I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post next week!  =)  Goodnight!!!

     "Collect Moments, Not Things!"

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