Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh Deer!

     On Saturday we drove to Marble Falls to see what kind of stores and things it had to offer. We stumbled upon a store called Pottery Ranch that had a HUGE collection of incredibly unique items- welded projects, pottery, woodwork, etc. It took us 2 hours to see it all and we still felt that if we get a chance to stop in again, we'll probably still end up seeing stuff that we missed on the first visit. It is packed full of goodies, inside and out. Very cool place! We picked up a few Christmas gifts there and, of course, we had to get something for ourselves as well. We now have a cute little metal cow addition to our family, lol. We got it to set outside our trailer/camper with a solar light and little US flag inside. =)   We took lots of pictures at the store, you can see them in this album here: Marble Falls, Texas

     There are sooooooo many deer here it is crazy. Every time we go out, we see at least 20- usually more- just on this road. It's a very common occurrence to see 10+ just lying or standing in a neighbor's front yard.  When you drive by them, they just stare at you lol. They seldom run away from vehicles and will stand there and let you snap tons of pictures of them. You can see some pictures of them in this album here:  Burnet, Texas (Sept. 2014)

      For some reason Picasa is no longer letting me embed my slideshows into my blog posts, so hopefully you guys do not have any trouble viewing the pics this way. If you do, please let me know so I can figure out another method.

     I believe I am going to go hop in the shower and attempt to hit the hay early tonight. I will be back tomorrow night, to share more pictures with you guys though! =)   Goodnight!

"Collect Moments, Not Things."


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