Saturday, September 13, 2014

Where we are now...

     Hi guys! After being stuck in West Virginia for 3 months due to health issues (thyroid- me, very nasty stomach bug- all 3 of us, and separated AC joint in shoulder- me), we are finally back out on the road again, woo hoo! =)  We left West Virginia on Monday (the 8th) at 8am, drove until 8pm, spent the night in Jackson Tennessee, headed back out at 7am on Tuesday (the 9th), drove until 9pm, spent the night in Hillsboro Texas, headed back out at 9am on Wednesday (the 10th), and arrived at our destination (Burnet Texas) around 1pm. We are workamping at a beautiful lakefront Inn & Campground for the winter. It is very peaceful here and our boss is wonderful. I snapped this quick pic on our first night here:

     Aidan and the dogs all did great during the trip. Aidan was in charge of giving the dogs a treat at the end of every potty break/stretching our legs stop. The rest of his time was spent playing his LeapPad, drawing on his chalkboard, watching a movie on his portable DVD player, singing, sleeping, and playing with a couple of his trucks. We hooked our 12 volt turbo fan up in the back of the Xterra for the dogs, thank goodness for that 12 volt/cigarette adapter back there! I'm sure they appreciated it. We never heard a peep from them until we stopped the vehicle, then they knew it was time to get out.

     Dale and I started working on Thursday- he did some mowing and weed-eating, then I cleaned some rooms. We will be working Mon-Thur with Fri-Sun off. This week, however, since we had just arrived- we went ahead and worked Friday as well. Dale finished up the weed-eating and weeded a flower bed, then I finished up cleaning the rooms. Did I mention that our boss is awesome? She's a super nice person.

     We are taking Aidan to ride Thomas the Train at the "Day Out With Thomas" event in a couple weeks. He's pretty excited about that. There is a little playground here, where we are staying/working, so of course he's loving that too.

     It has been pretty cloudy the last couple nights, so my internet wouldn't cooperate long enough to get these photos uploaded for you guys. Hopefully it will hang in there tonight, until I have finished this post. Then tomorrow night, hopefully it will cooperate again so I can do another post with photos from the last few days.

     I did manage to earn $30 bucks on the way here, just by talking to a friend on facebook for about 15 minutes. Thank you Instant Rewards! =) I really need to get back to working online tomorrow, so hopefully my internet will behave.

     Below you will find a link to view the photos from our trip here. As I said above, if my internet will cooperate tomorrow night I will do another post with the rest of the photos we've taken so far while we've been here. These are just from the drive. Talk to you guys soon!

      "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a LIFE."

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  1. Glad u made it safe! And what a beautiful picture!! Sure do miss u all.. love yall so much

    1. Thank you! The sky is always so pretty here! We love and miss yall too!

  2. We all miss and love you. We hated to see you hit the road again but want you to follow your dreams. live life like there is no tomorrow. give hugs and kisses to Dale and Aidan, have fun and stay safe. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks, will do! We love and miss yall too! XOXO