Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You've just got a letter...I wonder who it's from?

    Guess what came in the mail today? Our THOMAS THE TRAIN TICKETS! =) Aidan was sooo excited to finally have them in his hands! A few weeks ago we told him "If we end up going to Texas for the winter, we're gonna take you to ride Thomas the Train!" and now he has the proof in his hands- on Sunday he'll finally get to do it. =)  I know he will have a BLAST and I will definitely take pictures for you guys.

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to blog in a few days...I was planning to do a day-by-day overview of what we've been doing since my last post, but I can't remember what day we did what, lol. Gotta love brainfog... In a nutshell, here's what has happened since my last post...

     Aidan somehow managed to crack the screen on his LeapPad2 (I'm pretty sure one of the dogs stepped on it, when he left it lying on our bed instead of putting it on the shelf) and, of course, he was heartbroken. I read online that a bunch of people had the same thing happen and LeapFrog sent them a replacement one, for free. So I contacted LeapFrog and they said if I would have purchased his directly from them instead of ordering through Amazon, they would have replaced it for free. But since I purchased it through Amazon, all they could do was give me 50% off a new one through their website.  I found out that Walmart had them on sale for $59 so rather than having to order through LeapFrog and wait for it in the mail, we decided to just run to WalMart and buy him a new one there while they were on sale. They also had the skins ($5) and cases ($10) on sale, so we grabbed those for him too. Now he knows to take better care of it and be sure he puts it on the shelf when he's finished playing with it, since we told him he will NOT get another one if this one gets broken.

     We attempted to go check out Austin one day and ended up driving into an insane amount of rain and standing water, so we turned around and headed to Marble Falls instead. The next day, however,
we DID make it. We didn't stay as long as we would have liked to, since the dogs were home in the camper. We just went to the capital and drove around town a bit. You can see pictures here:  AUSTIN, TEXAS 
We did find a really nice pet-friendly park there that we plan to go spend the day at soon. =)

     The rest of the time has been spent working, watching sunsets, walking the dogs, riding bicycles, playing guitar, playing the leappad, chilling in the hammock, working on our wooden signs, packaging jewelry up for customers, grocery shopping, and shopping for postcards. I've added a few more pictures to the  BURNET, TEXAS (Sept. 2014) album. 

     That's all the excitement I have to report at the moment. We have gotten pretty well settled into our new routine here in TX, so now I can get back to working online daily- yay! If you would like to get started working from home, for FREE, check out our work from home site!

    Talk to you guys soon! Goodnight! XOXO   ;) 


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  1. We all sit back and wait patiently for pictures. you guys are making so many memories for Aidan. I am happy that you three have this opportunity, you are making Aidan the fairy tale life that most of us only dream about. Always know that all of us back home miss and love you so much. Live life to the fullest. Make them memories. so proud of both of you. You are great parents. We love you xoxoxoxoxo Give Aidan hugs and kisses from us all back here in West Virginia.

    1. We are definitely trying, thank you! Not many 3 year old kiddos have been to 5 beaches, flown in a helicopter, rode in a boat, rode on a train (especially THOMAS the train!), met someone on TV (Grave Digger), etc. I sure hope he is enjoying it! Love and miss yall too! XOXO