Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's up in Texas...

     Hi guys!!! I'm sorry it has been so long since I've posted an update here! My internet signal is terrible here (I am in the long annoying process of getting it turned off now, ugh!) and while I could simply walk over and use the wifi at work, I've kinda enjoyed the break from it. =) But anyhoo, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you guys know what's up and upload the rest of the pictures from October (including Halloween) for you all to enjoy. =)

    We began our full time traveling adventure this past March- after several years of dreaming, researching, planning, and praying. We planned to take our time traveling, spending 1-3 months in each state, seeing everything we could see. What we DIDN'T plan on was visiting an area that we really just didn't want to leave....

     That's what we've found here in Burnet, TX though...a place we all love, a wonderful boss, and an amazing opportunity. Sooooooooooooo we have decided to stay here! We will continue on with our current living and working situation/arrangement (living in our travel trailer here on the grounds of Painted Sky Inn & working here to pay for our site plus wages.) until March 1st. Then we will become the new managers/innkeepers here and will be moving into the on-site apartment. If you're wondering why we have decided to go back to working full time, it's because we've finally found something that we enjoy AND most importantly, something we can do TOGETHER- as a family. =) We are soooooooooo excited!!!

     Don't worry though, our traveling is far from over! We will still have 2 weeks of vacation per year, plus our days off each week, to continue traveling. We will just be doing it part-time instead of full-time. And that is just fine with us. =)  One of the many reasons we started traveling was to find the place we felt that we "belong."  We just didn't expect to find it so soon! ;)

     Until next time! Enjoy the pictures! Just click this link:   BURNET, TX (OCT. 2014) ALBUM. 

     "Collect Moments, Not Things!" 
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  1. Denise Lewis/Painted Sky InnNovember 6, 2014 at 12:58 PM

    I'm so glad you all came and fell in love with the place. I'm so very blessed to have you here. Looking forward to the future for all of us!

  2. I have always told you guys how awesome Texas was, and you Dale Van Meter said I only liked it because of the Cowboys. now you guys-have realized for yourselves just how awesome it is and have decided to make it your home. Someday you just might see old mom pulling up and once I'm there you will have to make me leave, cause I will be in my dream home town and have the beach you guys and my wonderful grandson. I would like to say thank you to Denise Lewis/Painted Sky Inn for making you guys feel so welcomed there and for being so nice. We love and miss you guys more than you will ever know. Don't Worry Be Happy. lol hugs to you all xoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxo

  3. Awesome- how exciting for you~

  4. So many grow up feeling they are destined to stay where they were born or lived with their parents. Looking back now, I am thankful my dad was career military. Saw many places. Born in Pennsylvania. Attended Greenbrier Women's College and then UVA. But while at GWC fell in love with the beautiful Greenbrier, as did my parents. They retired here. I had some "wandering" left in me worked in accounting at several resort hotels in Colorado, Missouri, Florida and Main. Moving to smash in the winters to work at ski lodges and beaches/water in the summers. Got tired of moving came home and married. Life has been lovely.

    So happy for you, your husband and Thomas the train. Keep posting.....would miss you if you quit.