Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

     Our wonderful boss went to visit her family for a few days, and very generously let us use her apartment (which is the apartment we will be moving into at the end of February) on Christmas day. We were able to more easily & comfortably cook our Christmas dinner (bigger kitchen!), use her Christmas tree (all we had room for in our trailer was a little table-top one, so we wasn't able to place any gifts UNDER it, lol), and spread out. It also made being on-call sooooo much easier since the apartment is attached to the office. We were able to enjoy our day together and simply listen for the door alarm to go off when someone came into the office rather than being in our trailer, on call, and having to constantly watch out the window to make sure no one is over at the office needing something lol. It was a wonderful, calm, and peaceful day of cooking, watching Aidan open all of his gifts, eating, and spending the day together. =) Below you will find the link for the pictures I took that day. I hope everyone else had a lovely day as well!   (Just click the link below!)

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