Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our trip to San Antonio, Texas.

     Hi guys! On Tuesday we took a drive (roughly 2 hours from us) to San Antonio since we hadn't been there yet. We each picked 1 thing we wanted to do/see while we were there, then we chose a few extra (free ones) that we would do if we had time left over. Dale chose the Alamo (blog post coming tomorrow night, so keep an eye out!), Aidan chose the Children's Museum (blog post coming Saturday night!), and I chose the Tower of the Americas (blog post coming Sunday night!)

     Unfortunately we didn't have any extra time left over to do/see anything else (we had to rush to get those 3 things done), but we have decided to go back one day next week to finish exploring.  =) San Antonio is busy but beautiful. The River Walk (which we only got to enjoy for a short time, while walking to the Tower of the Americas) is very cool. We will definitely spend more time on that next week.

     We had a great time and are looking forward to going back next week. There's so much stuff there, it would take forever to see it all! We took lots of pictures but I have separated them for the upcoming blog posts. There will be a separate album and blog post for each of the 3 places we went and then another, 4th, album of a few misc. photos taken in the city. I will go ahead and post the link to that MISC album below, although there are only a few pictures in it. When we return next week, I will be adding more photos to this album and will re-share it with you then. =)

     To check out the misc. photos taken in San Antonio (not the ones taken at specific places/attractions) just click the link below! =) 
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