Saturday, June 27, 2015

Aidan's First Fishing Trip!

     Despite Aidan's constant requests to go fishing,  Dale hadn't gotten around to taking him until recently. When our neighbor/friend offered to take the two of them out fishing on his boat (I had to work) they jumped at the offer. Aidan was sooooooo excited to finally try out one of his two fishing poles, lol. He decided on using the big one, so he could be sure to catch a BIG fish!

     As I watched the 3 "boys" walk down to the boat, just seeing Aidan carrying that big ol' fishing pole (twice his size) with such pride made me smile. He wasn't about to let anyone else carry his pole down for him. It made him feel like such a big boy!

     The boys came back with 19 fish total- Aidan caught 4, Dale caught 1, and our neighbor/friend Carl caught the rest. Aidan was proud to announce that HE is the one who caught the BIGGEST one! Mommy's little fisherman. We were a little worried about the "cleaning" task, after they returned. Aidan, like me, is an extreme "softie" where animals are concerned. But once it was explained to him, he was totally fine with it. He even declared that he wanted to eat the "colorful one" that night. And eat it, he did!

     I soooooo wish I could have tagged along (I don't fish. I did a few times as a kid but haven't since then.) to experience the excitement of Aidan's first fishing trip! Dale didn't take many pictures (definitely not as many as I would have, had I been able to go- yall know me!) but here are the ones that he did take. I snapped a few after they returned, when they called me to come out and meet them on the pier. Aidan couldn't wait to show me his catch!

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  1. Maw Maw and pawpaw are so proud of you little man. You sure looked like you all had fun. We love and miss you all very much. hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxo