Sunday, August 9, 2015

Do what makes you HAPPY! =)

     After some recent discussion & soul-searching, we have decided to go back out on the road!!! We are not ready to "settle down" in one place again, and probably won't be for quite a while. (If we even think about it any time in the near future, throw a rock at us!) There are still so many places that we want to see & want to let Aidan experience during his child-hood. But most importantly, we desperately miss the family time & fun adventures that come along with traveling full time together.  We left WV and started this traveling adventure because we wanted to be able to enjoy every second with Aidan that we possibly can. He is growing up so, so, so fast and one of these days he may no longer enjoy "hanging out" with Mommy & Daddy. We must grab hold of these precious moments and enjoy every single one while we can!

     I seriously cannot believe that I am about to say this, but I have a new-found appreciation for cold weather! Having lived in WV my entire life before we started traveling, I had still never gotten used to the cold weather there. (Having a health condition that makes me more sensitive to cold doesn't help matters, of course, but that's beside the point!) But now....after being subjected to temps above 100 degrees here in TX, holy cow! If any of you EVER hear me complain about the cold again, please remind me that you can always put on more clothing or a blanket! When you are THIS hot, you cannot strip off your clothes and run around naked or peel your skin & fat off of your body to cool off! lol! Never again will we be in one of the "warmer climate" areas during the summer!

     I would be lying if I said I won't miss some things about this area, though... especially the people (some of the nicest you could ever meet) & our awesome, welcoming, accepting,  hug-loving church. Hill Country Fellowship is full of wonderful people and we will greatly miss it/them. Since stepping foot through those doors in November, we have grown closer to God than we had ever been before. It is also, of course, where we were baptized and where Aidan was dedicated to the Lord. We will be forever grateful for this place & it's people.

     We went to our church this morning knowing that it would most likely be our last time in a long time. I've gotta say, it made me a little sad...Neither of us could bring ourselves to tell anyone that we are leaving to go back on the road. Goodbyes suck, plain and simple....If any of you are reading this right now, know that we love you and just couldn't bring ourselves to say goodbye! Please stay in touch with us and hopefully our travels will bring us back for a visit sometime. =)

     We are feeling led to go spend a couple months in WV with family before we officially hit the road again. We will be heading out of here one day soon, so prayers for safe travels would be greatly appreciated. So to all of our WV peeps- if you'd like to get together while we are "in" just let us know. We will probably be there until cold weather arrives, then head south for the winter.

     The boys (all 4 of them- Daddy, Aidan, Bear, and Baxter) are all snoozing now, so I am going to head that way myself. And I will leave you with one of my favorite songs, which I have been listening to over and over tonight: "I am Not Alone" by Kari Jobe. Goodnight!!!! XOXO  P.S. Oh! I know I promised motor-home pictures in my last post and haven't gotten around to taking any yet. Things are a bit out-of-place right now, making sure everything is road-ready, but I will take and post some as soon as I can!

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  1. Prayers for safe travels. We are happy to have you guys back home, if only for a couple months. We'll take anything we can get. We love you all xoxox