Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Look Ma' - No Pokies or Fire Ants!!!

     Well folks, we are now in WV (until it gets too cold for us, here lol.) We left TX super early Friday morning and took our time, driving all day and stopping to sleep at night. We finally arrived Sunday afternoon. You know your child has inherited your gypsy soul when he/she says they want to “go to a truck stop, park next to the big trucks, and eat corn dogs!” bahaha...gosh I love that stinker!

     We are planning to have a big yard sale soon, so we're trying to go through and price everything. We still have a lot of things in storage that we didn't want to part with before, but have decided to go ahead and sell now. No use keeping things we're not using. So whenever we get things gathered up & priced and figure out where to have the sale, I will let you guys know!

  I am back to working online again, woo hoo! Affiliate Marketing, Online sales, etc. =) If you or someone you know is looking for legitimate work from home, I have a huge list of possibilities on my new website here:  Legit Work At Home For You!

     Now that I have some free time, I am hoping to start blogging weekly again. I've decided to start sharing my random thoughts/feelings posts here, rather than having a separate blog for those type of posts. So from now on, not only will there be posts about what's going on with us, reviews, and tips/information on traveling/RVing, but there will also be some random posts about family, marriage, motherhood, God, and anything else that's on my mind at the time. I will try to categorize them as best as I can in case any of you are NOT interested in reading a particular post. If there are any specific topics you'd like to see me discuss here (such as boondocking tips, traveling with pets, etc- all of which I plan to discuss soon!) please leave me a comment here on this post and give me your ideas! I want this blog to not only be a way for our friends & family to stay up to date on where we are & what we're up to, but also a useful resource for others along the way. =)

     We are still soul-searching, praying, and researching for a way to turn our travels into a ministry type thing where we can make a difference in the lives of others along the way. Or as Aidan puts it – “we want to feed all the hungry people and animals!” That has been one of our dreams since shortly after we were married (in 2005, holy cow!) and we hope to someday make it a reality. Funding it and also being able to pay our own bills/food/gas/etc is always the show-stopper. We have felt a very strong calling to help those in need, for a long time now. But I have faith that it will work out someday, one way or another.

     Until next time! "Collect moments, not things!"  

 P.S. As long as the internet cooperates, I will be posting another update tomorrow night that includes photos of the motor-home! Yes, finally! lol. =) 

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  1. Hope you all come back and visit Texas down the road. Sorry we weren't there to wish you safe travels.

    1. Thanks so much! We will definitely be back to visit when we can, just not during the summer! lol. Take care!!!!