Tuesday, September 8, 2015

4th of July 2015.

     Hi guys! Sorry I've been posting old stuff the last few days, I'm just trying to get caught up! I still have a few more posts left to do from back in Texas, so hopefully I can get those finished up in the next few days. Be prepared for a daily post until I'm finally caught up! =)

     For the 4th of July we had to work (at Painted Sky Inn) & couldn't leave the property, but thankfully there is a neighborhood parade and fireworks that goes on every year. Aidan and I were invited to be in the parade, so the photo above is of us dressed up for it. =) We got to ride in an adorable little red, white, and blue barrel train in the parade & throw out candy in the neighborhood.

     That night one of the neighbors put off a ton of fireworks (so many that I actually got bored with them after awhile, lol, can't say I've ever experienced that before) down in the cove, on the lake. So we were able to sit outside the office & enjoy those.

  Below are our photos from the 4th of July.
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