Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bittersweet Moments...

     This week we made a pretty big decision.... We sold our Xterra! I'm sure a lot of you are surprised, because everyone knows how much I love it. It's the first vehicle I've ever owned that I didn't SETTLE for. The day we bought it, I had specifically went looking for a metallic blue Xterra and had made the decision ahead of time that if I didn't find one, I would just keep my Dakota. I love it!

     I would be lying if I said it wasn't an incredibly hard decision for me. I'm not a materialistic person & never have been, but for some reason I have been a bit attached to it. Maybe because we have so many good memories with it (we did travel with it, after all!), maybe because I didn't settle with it when we bought it, IDK...But while I'm being honest, there were a few tears shed when it cane down to final decision time. It was very bittersweet. I know that sounds stupid, it's just a vehicle right?  Right. It's just a vehicle. They make them

     Our priorities have changed drastically in the past couple years. After all, what's the point of having a big ol' fancy house, vehicles, huge flat screens, etc if all of your time is spent working to pay for those things? If you don't have time to truly ENJOY those things, then seriously- WHAT IS THE POINT??? Why kill yourself working every hour you can get & give up all that precious time with your family just to afford things that you don't have time to enjoy anyways? Moments are 5,000 times more important than things, hands down. Aidan is 4 years old already...FOUR YEARS OLD! Before we know it he's going to be 18! We will never get these years back. We have to enjoy them while we can.

     Now don't get me wrong- I'm not saying it's dumb or selfish to go in debt for a new vehicle, big fancy house, etc. If you are single, your children are grown, you're retired, or you have plenty of money- more power to ya! Or maybe you do have a family but you drive one-another crazy & you actually ENJOY being apart every day, IDK, ROFL!!!! But me, personally, I have decided that I want to be 100% DEBT-FREE and be able to enjoy every moment that I possibly can while I'm on this earth. 

     Looking outside and not seeing the Xterra does bum me out a little... BUT...We are now about $16,000 less in debt and have $335 less in payments every month. Hallelujah!!!! If you make, say, $12/hour that's 28 hours less of work per month that you HAVE to work to pay your bills. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty great to me. If you're only making, say, $8/hour, that's almost 42 hours less per month! That's an entire full-time work week, GONE! And that's not even taking the auto insurance and gas costs into effect, from driving a 4X4 SUV instead of a small car.

     So yes, I am a bit bummed about it but again, I will say, Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus for allowing things to work out for us, with wanting to get rid of that monthly payment and debt!!! We are one big step closer to being debt-free! And btw, if any of you in WV are (or will be in the near future) looking at buying a new or pre-owned car, I highly recommend going to Lewis Automotive in Beckley and make sure you ask for JOE WHITE! He is wonderful and has been a great help to us since the day we stepped foot in the dealership in 2012, looking for a metallic blue Xterra. Thank you Joe!

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