Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review of Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery in Burnet, TX.

Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery in Burnet, TX
Located at:  345 Clay Young Road Burnet, TX 78611. 
     This post was intended as a review of the fish hatchery. Honestly, we were not impressed with the place, at all, during our visit. But after getting online to look up their website to share with you guys (above) a few minutes ago, I now understand WHY we were not impressed with it....

     According to the website:  "The hatchery has 30 ponds ranging in size from 0.25 acres to 1.5 acres with a total of 28 surface acres for fish production. The entire facility has approximately 150 acres. The fish culture infrastructure consists of a feed storage building, holding house for egg and early fish development, Isolation/ quarantine building, four 60 foot raceways, four 20 foot circulars are housed under a shade structure. The facility also has an isolation building for endangered species containing aquariums of various sizes of circular tanks."

     When we were there, we didn't see any staff/volunteers/etc that could give us a tour or anything. All we seen was a couple of ponds (none of which we could see ANY fish in, since the water was so dark), a building full of empty tanks, and a few raceways that did have some fish in them- nothing exciting, though. (We did, however, see some adorable ducks! lol) So apparently, after viewing their website, we didn't see much of the place alone & on foot, lol. So rather than giving an unfair review of the place based on what little of it we actually seen, I am just going to share the photos that we took while we were there. During our next visit to the area, hopefully we can get a tour of the place. If so, I will do a proper review of it then. =)

Below are the photos that were taken during our visit to the fish hatchery. 

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