Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review of Well Played in Marble Falls, TX.

Well Played in Marble Falls, TX.
Located at: 1007 A Broadway St. Marble Falls, TX 78654.
Review completed in June 2015. 

Cleanliness of the facility-  1  2  3 4

Friendliness of the staff
- 1 2 3 4 5  

Overall rating of the attraction
- 1  2  3 4 5

Notes:   Well Played is an indoor play center for kids 0-11 years old. They have an indoor climber with a slide, ball pit, etc; water play table (inside of a canoe!); art stations; etc and a sitting room with comfy chairs & free wifi for the parents. They also have party rooms available to rent. It is very clean (anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn't let Aidan play in a place that isn't clean, lol) and the staff is super friendly (especially Matt.) If I'm not mistaken, I believe they had free coffee for the parents, as well. I am a very attentive mother & I especially love the fact that the parents sitting area is right in the middle of the play center, meaning you can see your kiddo(s) at all times. We were there twice & Aidan loved it. If we hadn't left Texas, it would have become a regular spot for us- especially on the super hot days, since it's in a comfy air-conditioned area! We would definitely recommend Well Played to anyone who lives near or is visiting the area & has a kiddo. Great place!

Would you recommend Well Played to others?  YES.

Would you visit Well Played again?  YES.

Below are the photos that were taken during our first visit to Well Played.
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  1. Well Played is a wonderful place , full of fun, exciting imagination! Wish I was a child again. What fun!