Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween 2015, in WV!

     Hey there! I am still in the process of getting caught up on my blog posts, so thanks for checking back in with us! Today I'll be sharing our HALLOWEEN with you! =)

     A week or so prior to Halloween we (the 3 of us, my mom, my brother, and my little cousin Alicia) went to Byrnside Branch Farm, for the first time, to let Aidan pick a pumpkin. Although it was tiny compared to Sweet Berry Farm (where we took Aidan last year, in Texas) and the pumpkins were much smaller, it was a cute little place. They had corn mazes, a hay maze, barrel train, tractor/hay ride, pumpkins, a tire tower to climb around on, and a few cute little critters to pet. We carved Aidan's pumpkin the next day. His first Halloween, he loved carving a pumpkin...but every year since, not so much, lol. He's not too interested in getting his hands yucky- hahaha....

     That night, after the pumpkin patch, Dale & Aidan dropped the rest of us off at Miller's Nightmare- a haunted corn maze & forest walk in the middle of nowhere. It was fun! Growing up watching horror movies, I don't scare easily- nor do my mom or brother, lol. But for someone who isn't used to scary things (like Dale, for instance, lol) I'm sure it would be pretty scary. There were lots of screams coming from the corn field and forest, in front of and behind us, lol. Everyone who dressed up and participated did a great job. It didn't last as long as we figured it would, but I guess that's because we didn't get lost any- haha. Had we gotten stuck somewhere, unable to find our way out, it would have lasted much much longer, lol.

      For Halloween itself, we (the 3 of us and our neice Gracelynn) went trick or treating in Lewisburg at the annual trunk-or-treat at GVMC. We had thought about hitting a few houses afterwards, but Gracelynn was tired of walking and we were all getting hungry- so we went and grabbed a pizza instead. Gracelynn spent the night with us the night before, for the first time, so we had our own little Halloween party with cute little crafts & treats. Her brother, our nephew Hunter, was supposed to spend the night and go trick-or-treating with us too, but he wasn't feeling well. He really wasn't interested in Halloween anyways, lol, maybe next year he will be more into it. Aidan was a policeman and Gracelynn was a purple crayon. They both looked adorable!

     Below you will see photos of the pumpkin patch, carving Aidan's pumpkin, our little Halloween party, and the kids in their costumes. We didn't take any pictures at Miller's Nightmare, it was too dark and things were moving too fast for that, lol. Enjoy! =)

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