Thursday, January 28, 2016

August- December 2015, in WV.

     Hi guys! After realizing that I hadn't posted much since we've been in WV, I decided to do a quick partial catch-up post for you for the months of August-December. I will be posting a few others, as well, in the next few days. So anyhoo- during those months, here's pretty much what we were up to.....

     Me working online & working on my Veterinary Assisting program (I have a 3.8 GPA and will be graduating soon, woo hoo!), Dale working at a big cemetery here, Aidan doing his homeschooling work (blog post coming soon), marshmellow roasting & s'more making in the fire-pit, playing in the leaves, Aidan's attempts at "Rider Hair" (spiked hair like Rider on Paw Patrol, lol), straw glasses slupring up milk, cutting firewood, guitar playing, my grandma's birthday, my brother Justin's birthday, Halloween (see the blog post HERE), Thanksgiving, Aidan's first hunting trip (blog post coming soon), spending time with family, the addition of our new fur-babies (see blog post HERE), fixing up (mechanically) a little dodge plymouth neon that belonged to my pawpaw (we will be fixing it up cosmetically in the spring), sandbox fun, Aidan trying out his first gun (BB gun), the WV State Fair & 3 Doors Down concert (see blog post HERE), Christmas shopping, Aidan "shaving", and missing our amazingly awesome church in TX :(

     Check back soon for the upcoming blog posts mentioned above. And below you will find photos of everything else (things not saved for an upcoming post)- all the misc. photos that were taken during those months (Aug-Dec.)

     I'm sorry it seems to take me forever to get a blog post done, so they're always super late! I only get online once or twice per week now and it's Frontier internet which But anyhoo, talk to you guys soon! If you are unable to view the slideshow above, simply click HERE! P.S. Please take a moment to comment on this post and SHARE it! To share, just click on the red "share" button below or look for the gray facebook/email/pinterest/twitter/etc icons below (depending on what type of device you're on.) Thank you so very much for your support!!! =)

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