Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christmas 2015, in WV.

     Merry belated Christmas! lol! Believe it or not, we had our full size Christmas tree in our motorhome this year! There wasn't enough room for presents underneath, so we hid them in the under-bed storage area- haha. Previous years, in our travel trailer, we just had a little table-top one. So it was nice to be able to use the big one again, from our house. =)

     We continued our Christmas Eve tradition with Aidan: him opening one gift on Christmas eve night- new pjs to wear & a new dvd to watch that night. Christmas morning we celebrated and opened gifts together here in the motorhome, as a family. Later we went to Dale's parents house to celebrate and open gifts, with his family. Then, that evening, we celebrated and opened gifts at my parents house, with my family.

     Below you will see photos taken during our tree decorating, Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning in the motorhome. We didn't take any at the parents or in-laws house (my camera batteries were dead and I forgot my phone!) but there are a few photos here that my mother-in-law took at her house. Thanks for the pics, Barb! lol.

     I know this is super late, but I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (and remembered the reason for the season!!!!) and happy New Year!  =) 
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