Thursday, March 31, 2016

January - March 2016.

Aidan's fancy Aquafina glasses! lol.  =) 

     Hi guys! I wanted to do a quick "catch up" post for you all, to let you know what we've been up to lately. Since we have always wanted our own mini-farm (and land in the part of TX we looked at was too expensive, for any type of acreage) we have decided to officially move back to WV, start our mini-farm, and travel in the winter!

     Sticking to our latest goal of becoming DEBT FREE and acquiring no ADDITIONAL debt, we decided to fix up our older mobile home that we had been using for storage. After a LOT of time and hard work, we've just moved into it a week or 2 ago. We still have some work to do on the outside and some small cosmetic things we'd like to do on the inside, but it's a huge relief to finally be done for the most part. Oh and don't worry, we're still TINY HOME BIG LIFE- it's a small mobile home, which is exactly what I want to stick with now, SMALL! lol. I just can't explain it, but smaller (and being able to own less CRAP!) is sooo much simpler, and less stressful!

     Sooo anyhoo, in a nutshell- here's what Jan-Mar consisted of:
  • Homeschooling Aidan (we had originally planned to home school him year-round but we're going to take a break for the summer, at least this year, then decide about upcoming years.)
  • My school (I recently completed my Veterinary Assisting program, with a 3.8 G.P.A - woo hoo! )
  • Dale's 31st birthday.
  • My 28th birthday.
  • Valentine's Day.
  • Our 11 year Wedding Anniversary.
  • Super Bowl (Dale and Aidan went to Dale's parents' house to watch it with them, all the Bronco fans lol)
  • Work (for Dale.)
  • Fun in the snow.
  • My step-dad's birthday.
  • Truck shopping (we knew exactly what we wanted and it took a while to find it, but we finally did. It's a red Dodge Dakota. It's nice to be a 2 vehicle family again. Well, technically we already were- car and motorhome, but driving the motorhome around wouldn't be very fun or affordable, LOL, so you know what I mean!)
  • Me starting a DoTERRA essential oil business. (We're hooked on oils now!)
  • Easter (blog post coming soon!)
  • Re-doing our mobile home, like I mentioned already.
  • Most recently- moving into our mobile home.
     And below are some photos for you to enjoy! As I said, the EASTER blog post (and lots of pictures) will be coming in the next day or 2, so keep an eye out for that! =) Talk to you soon!

If you are unable to view the slideshow above, simply click HERE! 

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