Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time for a catch-up post! ;)

      I just realized that I needed to do a quick catch-up post for those of you who are wondering what  we've been up to since my last "update" style post.   =)  Soooo..... other than the specific posts I've made recently, what have we been up to? hmm...

  • Working- Dale at the cemetery & me working online.
  • Finishing up Aidan's first year of home-schooling (we have 5 weeks left until we take summer break. Yay!!! During summer break we're just going to do a simple reading program & Bible study program.)
  • Aidan's 5th birthday and zoo trip (blog posts coming soon!)
  • After feeling called to ministry for a while & strongly fighting it due to social anxiety and fear of public speaking- I finally said "Ok Lord, if that's what you want! But you're really going to have to help me out here!" I am now taking ministry classes online at night after the boys (Dale and Aidan) go to bed. I'm usually up from 10pm-ish until 2-3am ish  4-5 nights/week for school now. So I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep, but it's worth it. ;) So far I have a 4.0 GPA, and I'm hoping to keep it. =)
  • My step-brother, Justin, graduated from his Drug Court Program. We're so proud of you Justin, we knew you could do it! Now keep it up!!!!
  • We added yet another member to our family- we've adopted another male boxer, Rosco.
  • Getting rain since Aidan's birthday- trying to squeeze some trampoline time in (he got a trampoline for his birthday) whenever possible.
  • And the basic everyday things... 
     We didn't really have enough  misc. photos from April to make a new I just added the April pics to the Jan-Mar album and changed the name of it to Jan-Apr 2016. So here's the album with the new photo additions added in. =) 

If you're unable to view the slideshow above, try going here instead.


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