Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 2016 Update =)

     Hi guys!!! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted an update! I actually didn't realize just how long it had been until today. =( I hope everyone's doing well!!!!

     We finally got our roof re-sealed and the front & sides of our mobile home painted (still have the back to do when weather permits. We decided on tan with green shutters & underpinning), gathering supplies to build our fence, fighting the neighbors cows who won't stay out of our yard, building my awesome work at home team, working on my studies, getting things together for Aidan's school (our Kindergarten homeschool year begins in September!) some vehicle engine repair, Dale-working, and trying to beat the heat! It's been hotter than usual here this summer- to the point of me feeling like I will pass out when I go outside for 5 minutes. I'm definitely glad we're not in TX right now. As miserable as I am here in WV, I'd be dying in TX lol.

     We still have a lot to get done before winter arrives... fence built, fire wood cut, car painted, Motorhome roof re-sealed, back of mobile home painted, Aidan's room painted, etc. With Dale working 6 days/week and crappy weather (melt your skin off hot and/or pouring down the rain) we'll see how that goes...

     Aidan recently learned to ride his bike with no training wheels, and on the very first day of the training wheels coming off! He's such a big boy! =) He told me "Training wheels slow you down, Mommy!" hmm..yes, son, that's precisely the reason why you haven't gotten the gas powered 4wheeler you've been wanting yet lol!!! He's going to be a little speed demon, lol.

     The WV State Fair is coming up and Aidan's super excited for the rides. I'm more excited for the concerts, lol. =) What would life be like with no music?!? I can't even imagine!

     We've been trying to get our 10x20 lofted barn building moved from over at our old house to where we live now, for MONTHS. If it ever gets here, it will be my new office & craft area. I finally broke down and turned our motorhome into a temporary craft room for the time being, so I could at least FIND my things when I need them. Having it all stored under the bed and having to dig through 1,000 boxes when I need something was getting super annoying, lol. So hopefully the building gets moved before winter! I was hoping to get it set up, insulated, interior walls up, and decorated before winter but I don't see that happening at this point. We'll be lucky to even have it here by then from the looks of it, lol.

     Oh! I almost forgot! We got a new puppy! Yes, yes, ANOTHER dog lol! Everyone meet our rotten little SKYE girl. I, for one, am glad to have another female in the house. Me & Stormy (our cat) have been outnumbered for way too long! bahahaha...
Until next time! "Collect moments, not things!" XOXO

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  1. Let the good times roll. Glad to have you guys back in WV. We love you..