Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 WV State Fair.

Aidan and I waiting on the  Travis Tritt / Charlie Daniels Band concert to begin.  <3

     Hi guys! Yes, I'm behind, AGAIN! lol.  The WV State Fair was in August, sorry for the delay! But in any ya go! =)

     This year we went to the For King & Country / Matt Maher concert as well as the Travis Tritt / Charlie Daniel's Band concert. Both were great! For King & Country and Travis Tritt are 2 of my faves! =) Joel (For King & Country) came out into the crowd and was about 2 feet from me. I was (still am!) super thankful that it was him that came out instead of    because the crazed teen girls behind us would have went insane had he came out there, ROFL.

     For once we all got Mega-passes to ride, instead of just Aidan, since he's tall enough to ride a lot more things now. We all had a great time! Well, until a couple days later when my sun-roasted face became severly swollen, I found out that I had sun-poisoning again, and had to get a shot in the booty, lol...that wasn't so great... haha. I would include a couple shots of my face in the album below, but I don't want anyone making reports of an alien invasion- because that's precisely what I looked like, LOL!

     You will find the 2016 WV State Fair photo album below. Talk to you soon! =)  

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