Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I am coming out of the closet!!!!

     "I'm coming out! I want the world to know! Got to let it show!"

     No, No, No...it's not what you think... I have decided to "come out of the closet" and start being more authentic here on my blog. Not that I have been pretending or forcing myself to be someone that I'm not (that is one of my biggest pet peeves) but I've kinda kept myself, well, locked in a closet. I am ready to start blogging about topics that are more important to me and occasionally even blog about whatever it is that pops into my crazy little head at the time.

     So who am I exactly and what is important to me? Well let's see here...

  •  I am a simple girl. I am not materialistic or high-maintenance AT ALL. I do my hair, nails, eyebrows, etc at home. I buy most of my own clothing at thrift stores. I am capable of making my own clothing if I choose to. I refuse to pay $25+ for a pair of leggings, $50+ for a pair of jeans, $450+ for professional teeth whitening, or drop $100 bucks at the beauty shop. I prefer sterling silver over gold. I very rarely wear makeup. I think you can be" cute and comfy" at the same time. I very much prefer experiences & memories over things.
  • I work from home and home-school my 6 year old son. My husband and son are my numero uno at all times (after God, of course.) Being home with my son and not letting someone else (babysitter, daycare, relative, etc) raise him is one of the most important things in the world to me. I would rather live in a cardboard box with my family than live in a huge fancy mansion and never get to spend time with my family because my hubby and I both have to work ourselves to death to pay for that house. Again, I highly value experiences over things.
  • I am extremely compassionate and empathetic and can not be around someone who is crying without shedding a tear myself. I highly dislike funerals and hospitals for this reason.
  • I am a follower of Jesus Christ and strive to live a life that is pleasing to him. I do not agree with the strict Christian guidelines and "laws" enforced before Christ and feel that the way we treat our fellow human beings is MUCH more important than whether I (a female) choose to cut my hair short, wear pants/shorts/capris instead of dresses, have some ink on my skin, wear jewelry, etc. Jesus is LOVE and without love we are nothing. I choose to love and be kind to everyone, whether I feel they deserve it or not. I have never and will never try to push my beliefs on anyone. I will not, however, refrain from sharing my beliefs simply because it may "offend" someone. We are ALL entitled to our own opinions and beliefs and there is freedom of speech in the great U S of A.
  • Speaking of the great U S of A. I absolutely despise political arguments, I do not watch the news, I do not vote or care who you voted for, etc but I wore the uniform for a very short time (I was injured during basic training.) I LOVE America, I respect the flag and our president whether I like/agree with him/her or not.
  • I think a person's word is everything and I have no time for unreliable people. I hate negativity and arguing. Debbie downers suck the life out of me. I am a no B.S. kinda girl. I do not tolerate excuses. If you want something to change about your life, get off your booty and make it happen. Whining about it won't change a thing. I try to find the good in everyone and the positive in every situation.
  • I am a major introvert and I suffer from social anxiety. I absolutely hate crowds. I love you dearly, I am always here if you need me, but I most likely will not be able to force myself to attend your party, shower, wedding, reunion, etc. It says absolutely nothing about you, our relationship, etc. I just can't handle it. I even despise going to WalMart for this reason, lol. I can usually force myself to attend funerals, out of respect, but will not hang around long. The one and only time I do not mind crowds so much is during concerts. Music feeds my soul. Unless there are obnoxious people near me during a concert, I can pretty much block everyone else out. I have yet to learn to do this at stores, festivals/fairs, parties, sporting events, etc.
  • I will feed the hungry, rescue a stray animal, and pray for anyone who needs it at the drop of a hat. I want to "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and show love to everyone. I fiercely love animals, would take in every stray animal if I could, and dream of one day having a HUGE animal rescue.
  • I am home-business owner. I do not want to be rich, I simply want to earn enough money to survive and "retire" my hubby, have the freedom to do what we want when we want, and be able to bless others who need it. I enjoy showing others how they, too, can make money from home. I get discouraged, however, when people have an "entitled" attitude and expect to get rich overnight and/or get paid for doing NADA. Nothing worthwhile is easy.
  • I want to be as self-sufficient as possible and hope to one day be completely off-grid. We are slowly working towards starting our little "mini farm" with dairy goats, chickens, a large garden, and an orchard.
  • I know the dangers of chemical-laden commercial products (cancer runs rampant in my family and I have an auto-immune disease) and try to eliminate as many of those chemicals and toxins as possible in our household. I am an essential oil addict and love educating others about the amazing benefits of these God-given alternatives to man-made CRAP.
  • I am eccentric, I have many interests. Some that most people do not even know about.
  • I believe in building your OWN American Dream. Do not do things just because that's what society expects you to do. Do not do things just because that's what your parents want you to do (this is meant for ADULTS, of course.) You get ONE life, live it how YOU want to live it! Do what makes you happy!
  •  We traveled around the USA for about a year, moved to TX for a year, then came back home to WV to start our mini-farm.
  • I am obsessed with the color BLUE. I even have blue streaks in my hair, lol. Did you notice the new BLUE layout, here on the blog? That's part of my "coming out of the closet" and making my blog more ME! 
  •  I am a weirdo and I'll be the first to admit it. I believe in letting your freak flag fly. Do not be afraid to be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios.

     So now that we're all up to speed on the weirdness that is ME, lol...There are a ton of high maintenance women out there, but there has to be SOME who are more like ME. I want to find my tribe. I want to educate, inspire, and support those women.  More readers equals more earnings (which is usually the point of a business, right?) but I've decided that I'd rather focus on attracting the RIGHT people to my blog and business, not just anyone and everyone. I realize that the real, true, authentic ME is not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm ok with that. ;)  So having said that...

     If you are a whiner, a complainer, an excuse maker, a negative nancy, a super duper high maintenance materialistic person, someone who dislikes animals, a hater of Christians, a political nut, a closed-minded person who thinks your way is the only way (your religion, veganism/vegetarianism/etc, political views, or anything else for that matter), a "Mother" who pushes her child(ren) off on anyone and everyone who breathes, a person against home-schooling, etc- this probably isn't a blog that you will enjoy.

However, if you can relate to any of the following- WELCOME! <3

  • You like to save money (on health & beauty, fashion, house-hold items, groceries, entertainment, etc) 
  • You enjoy spending time with your loved ones (you do not strive to be away from them as much as humanly possible.)
  • You care enough about your family to want to reduce the amount of chemicals they are subjected to at home.
  • You are interested in saving money, homeschooling, essential oils, homesteading, making money online, home remedies, handmade gift ideas, DIY,  RV-ing, etc and/or reading about relationships, parenting, faith, etc.
  • You would like to live a more self-sufficient life (being able to take care of yourself and your family without having to rely on grocery stores, doctors, etc so much or any at all in case of emergency.)
  • You love animals (you may have fur-babies that you would like to know how to better care for, at home.)
  • You want to look and feel good without spending a ton of money.
  • You are a Christ-follower (not a super strict "religious" person obsessed with laws and regulations.)
  • You care about and have compassion for your fellow human beings (you do not hate or feel no compassion whatsoever towards homeless, addicts, other religions, etc.)
  • You're not into forcing your beliefs onto other people.

     If you're still here after reading this post- congrats and welcome to the tribe! lol.  Please "Subscribe" by clicking the red "Subscribe Now" button on the right side of the page (or just CLICK HERE) and be sure to invite your friends who also fit-the-bill! ;)  In an effort to truly find my tribe, I will be giving away the following items upon reaching the following subscription goals:

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