Thursday, March 29, 2018

10 Tips to Deter Auto-Theft.


    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States and only 50% of them are ever recovered. Most of those recovered have suffered major damage and/or loss. Stay tuned for Tips to Deter Auto-Theft.

1. Never leave your keys in your vehicle. Ever. Make it a habit of physically touching your keys inside of your pocket or purse every time you get out of the vehicle, before shutting the door. This will not only ensure that thieves do not have access to your keys but will also keep you from locking them inside your vehicle & needing to call a locksmith to help you get back in.

2. If you must start your vehicle to let it heat up during cold weather, lock it and use your spare key to get in when you are ready to leave. Park as close to your home/building as possible and always keep an eye on your running vehicle. Keep in mind that leaving your car running unattended is actually illegal in some states.

3. Always secure your vehicle. Lock doors, roll up windows, latch sunroofs, and don't forget to make sure your hatch/trunk is locked.

4. Park in well-lit areas near security cameras and/or building entrances.

5. Never leave valuables inside of your vehicle. Purses, cell phones, laptops, Ipads, jewelry, GPS systems, etc. If you absolutely must, lock them up in your trunk so they can not be seen by looking through the windows.

6. Never store the title to a vehicle inside of that vehicle. An added precaution would be to never leave the insurance or registration card inside of the vehicle, carry them in your purse/wallet instead.

8. Use an anti-theft device. There are many different types of anti-theft devices available today, so do your research to find the best fit for you.

9. Always be aware of your surroundings. Many auto-thefts occur while stopped at a traffic light, sitting in backed-up traffic, while loading groceries into your vehicle in a store parking lot, and even when it is parked at home in the driveway.

10. Protect yourself with a good/dependable roadside assistance plan that offers a stolen vehicle reward. To learn about my chosen roadside assistance company where you receive $150K in benefits including UNLIMITED roadside assistance and a $5,000 stolen vehicle reward for only $19.95 per month- just click HERE. Not only will seeing the two provided "$5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward" stickers on your vehicle deter someone from targeting it, but you are much more likely to recover your vehicle should anyone ever go through with stealing it.

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