Thursday, March 22, 2018

13 ways to increase your gas mileage & save money.

     Do you dread filling your gas tank or feel like it's a constant occurrence? If so, hang around for 13 tips on ways to increase your gas mileage so you can keep a little extra money in your wallet/bank account where it belongs and maybe even save a bit of time, by not having to go fill up quite as often!

1. Do not wait until your gas gauge is sitting on "E" to fill up. The convenience of a "nearby station" will usually cost you more per gallon.

2. Use cruise control whenever possible.

3. Only run the air conditioner when necessary.

4. Use the correct motor oil for your engine.

5. Change your filters regularly.

6. Monitor your tires. Ensure they are properly inflated and in good shape.

7. Avoid filling up at gas stations near the highway, as they typically have higher prices.

8. Eliminate wind resistance. Open windows, bike/luggage/ski racks, etc increase drag.

9. Eliminate unnecessary idling. If you are stuck in traffic due to an accident, waiting on someone, etc- turn off the engine if possible.

10. Do not use your brake excessively.

11. Drive at a steady speed. Accelerating and slowing down often or abruptly uses more gas.

12. Buy your gasoline early or late in the day.

13. Walk or carpool whenever possible.

     I hope these tips were useful for you! If you found value in this post, please considering sharing it.

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  <3 Missy

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