Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The network marketing trainers that I recommend.

Today's post will be a quick one, but it's a question that I get fairly often... so I figured it would be a worthy topic to discuss.
I'm a firm believer in the fact that you should never stop learning and I think this is especially true if you are an entrepreneur.
In network marketing, ongoing training is very important. But there are soooooo many trainers out there!
If you try to follow too many, not only will you go into information overload but you will spend all of your "working" time listening to videos, reading blog posts, and going through courses and you'll have very little time left to actually WORK your business.
Yes, learning is super important BUT it doesn't pay the bills.
You have to have time to actually IMPLEMENT what you learn in order for it to help you.
So who do you follow?
You should follow someone who you resonate with.
Someone who discusses the topics that you could use a little improvement on.
And someone who is currently or has been in the past a successful network marketer.
My personal recommendation is to choose a maximum of 3 who you REALLY love and stick with them as long as they are providing value to you and your business.
Those 3 for me are Ray Higdon, John & Nadya Melton, and Tanya Aliza.
If you'd like a list of the websites, blogs, groups, and facebook pages for my top 3 - feel free to send me a private message on facebook and I'd be happy to share that with you.
I love you guys and I hope this post was helpful to my fellow entrepreneurs, especially the newbies who may be searching for a good network marketing trainer. 
                                                               Talk to you soon.
                                                                       <3 Missy

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