Thursday, April 12, 2018

How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs.

     Are you one of the many blessed Americans (NOT!!!) who is forced to rely on prescription drugs? If so, I'm sure you are aware of how expensive they can be. Whether you have insurance or not, the 7 tips below can help you save a lot of money on your future prescriptions, so be sure to read until the end.

  • Do not be afraid to let your doctor know that you can not afford a specific medication. They may be able to provide samples or find a more affordable alternative for you such as a generic brand or over the counter equivalent. They would much rather you be honest with them so they can help you find a solution, than for you to just end up NOT filling the prescription because you cannot afford it.

  • Look for coupons. Some manufactures offer coupons or free trials on their medications. Do a quick google search for "NAME OF DRUG coupons" as well as "NAME OF DRUG free trial" and "NAME OF DRUG samples" and see if anything legit comes up. 

  • If you have insurance, check the formulary from your insurance company. This will show you which meds are covered, how much the copay is, etc. You can use this to determine if there is a specific generic form or similar drug that IS covered, should the one you were prescribed NOT be covered or be too expensive. If you cannot understand the forumlary, call you insurance company and they will help you.

  • Compare prices at different pharmacies. is a great resource for this. 

  • If the cost difference is significant, ask your doctor to prescribe you a double-strength dose and you can cut the pills in half with a pill-cutter.  

  • See if mail-order or 90 day supply prescriptions are a cheaper option.

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